Have you heard of The Extreme Tour? Me either…until a few months ago when we were contacted by one of their A&R Representatives. After some email exchanges (and social media stalking) it didn’t take long to decide that it was a legitimate opportunity that we should pursue. Over the past several weeks we have completed the formal application process, recorded and submitted some DEMO recordings and other materials for distribution to the music industry professionals who help them select their tour artists, and made arrangements to attend The Objective Session in Nashville, TN from May 18 – 21 (no small task for a large family…shout out to the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and niece for stepping up). And, finally, we were selected to perform two songs during the Showcase portion of their event while we are in Nashville, TN, which is pretty cool. The Showcase performances will be held at Michael W. Smith’s Rocketown venue before an audience of music industry professionals and others. It’s a long way for most of our family and friends to watch us perform two songs, but the event is free to anyone who would like to attend. We are scheduled to perform on Friday, May 19th at 8:15PM Saturday, May 20th at 7:40PM. (For the record, we are also willing to perform more than three songs in your backyard for you and all of your friends.)

What do we want to gain with The Extreme Tour? A few things come to mind. One, I hope we are able to connect with some like-minded musicians and industry folks working to merge music and the gospel for the purpose of encouraging other believers and sharing good news with the world. Secondly, we want to get some useful feedback to help us get better at making music…both live and recorded. Finally, we are hoping that this opens up some opportunities for us to expand the reach of our songs. The Extreme Tour is putting together 200+ events all over the world this year. It’s their 23rd year. If we are invited to join them we will make every effort to play as many events as possible to spread the reach of the Flat Earth Band, and more importantly, to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ.

FEB Extreme DEMO6
Click the image to find our Extreme Tour DEMO recording!

In closing, I would like to announce that we will be making the DEMO recording we submitted to The Extreme Tour available for download on Bandcamp for the month of May. So, if you’ve been interested to hear how our recordings are coming along now is your chance. We are offering this as a way to help us offset the costs related to our upcoming trip to Nashville, TN. So, this “limited time offer” will only be available until the end of May 2017. How much does it cost? We’ll let you decide. Pay what you want ($1 minimum) and help us make the most of our trip to Music City. On top of the DEMO recordings, the download also includes some recordings from a recent live show at Lake Sallateeska Baptist Camp to give you more bang for your buck. We will be continually making social media posts about this offer throughout the month of May, so if you like what we’re doing be sure to share the posts with your friends and enemies.

Here is a link to the “pay what you want” download offer.