Now Then…Where Was I?

20130505_133406-1Hmmm? Ah yes. That’s right. My girlfriend, wife (same girl), and I were on the path to becoming rock stars. How easily I forgot. About this time last year we were still basking in the glow of having finally recorded and played some of our songs at the Agape Music Festival. A good time indeed. And then…well, life happened. Both literally and figuratively.

Where’d Ya Go?

Well, like most everyone else, we’ve been busy. Since that fateful day at the AMF we have welcomed a new baby girl into our ever-growing family, and bought a house to house said family. That’s right, baby #6 was sleeping in the hall of our old house and baby #7 was on the way. So we negotiated with a nice lady to get a pretty good deal on a great big mansion (a rock star’s got to have a mansion, right?). I won’t bore you with the details, but it was a bit of a fixer upper (hand tools, paint brushes, ladders, squirrels).

Now What?

Concerts. We want to play our songs for you. It’s that simple. We are looking for places to use our music to entertain, and inspire. To keep up with concert events check the “Shows” tab on this website, or follow us the social networks.

Recording. We are also in the beginning stages of home-recording our follow-up to the ‘Ready For Love’ album. But don’t hold your breath, because this time we won’t be simply turning the playroom into a recording studio for a  week. This time we’re taking our time. Again, follow us on social media for updates. I will also be blogging the effort and sharing videos throughout the coming months.

So, that’s our status. If you are interested in hosting a Flat Earth Band concert at your home, church, or other venue please use the ‘Contact’ form on this website or shoot us an email at We are looking forward to seeing you all very soon!