‘Ready For Love’ Digital Album Now Available On Bandcamp.com!

‘Ready For Love’ is the first album release of the Flat Earth Band, currently a husband and wife duo from Nashville, IL. The album was recorded entirely in the Flat Earth Band home studio. The recording was first made available to the public for purchase at the Agape Music Festival in Greenville, IL on 5/5/2012, which was the location of the first performance of the Flat Earth Band.

The songs on this album are the product of more than two years of song writing and home studio recording. Our feelings about this album and our initial performance are pretty well summed up in a message we tweeted the day of the show: “It was a very good day. Years in the making and long overdue. Lord willing, this is only the beginning.” (@flatearthband)

A bonus track is included with the album when purchased from bandcamp.com. This ‘River of Life (Remix)’ bonus track is an early version of a song that has been very well received among friends. It is indeed one of the first recordings produced in our home studio. It was recorded in 2010. Our children are featured at the end of the track. Future Flat Earth Band members? We’ll see.

Flat Earth Band