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House Concert Announcement!

It seems like just yesterday we were getting ready to host our first house concert. (Yes…remember…The Gray Havens?) That was a good time. Friends, fun, food, and great music. But, it wasn’t yesterday. It was six months ago! And now, it’s time to do it again. Without further delay, we are pleased to announce that Dove award-winning singer/songwriter Mitch McVicker will be performing at our home on Thursday, October 1st. The cost of the event is $10 per person at the door (kids 12 and under are free). Doors open at 7pm. Music begins at 7:30pm. Refreshments will be provided. Seating is limited. If you have questions, please contact us via email at flatearthband@gmail.com or call 618-920-9829.


Some of you will immediately recognize Mitch McVicker as one piece of the legendary Ragamuffin Band. However, his resume only begins there and goes much, much further. Mr. McVicker’s music career has consisted of 1500 concerts and 10 albums. With his latest project, McVicker looks toward the mysterious grey love of God. He says, “I hope the songs remind us that God’s all encompassing love connects with us in all situations and through every circumstance”.

After growing up in Kansas, McVicker began working with the late, great Rich Mullins . The two of them performed concerts together, wrote songs, and were roommates. Then, McVicker was in the car wreck that killed Mullins. Shortly after Rich’s death, and while Mitch was still deep in recovery, the two won the GMA’s Dove Award  for song of the year, for their writing of “My Deliverer ”. After a lengthy recovery, he began his own musical journey. Rich Mullins has influenced Mitch McVicker’s thoughts as much as he has influenced his music. This can be heard as McVicker speaks of embarking on his latest concert tour, “At this point in my life, I am setting out to be guided by the Love of God. Being led by love is a lot more scary, ambiguous, and, yes, grey, than following steps simply for the sake of the steps.” He continues, “I want to live in the grey. That’s not to say that anything goes, rather, that’s to say that everything is included. Jesus seems to point out that the Kingdom of God is built upon a vast grey love”.

We feel very blessed to be able to share such a gifted musician with our community. Hope to see you there!

Chad and Jen

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