This past summer we had the privilege of meeting and then hosting (in our home) music producer Billy Smiley. Billy is a founding member of the Christian rock band Whiteheart, and is currently teaming up with John Schlitt (Petra) to form The Union Of Sinners And Saints. While we were in Nashville, TN with The Extreme Tour, we got to meet Billy and talk about the possibility of undertaking a Flat Earth Band recording project at Dark Horse Recording studio in Franklin, TN. We were able to get a quick private tour of the studio (Evanescence was in the house working on a new album so we couldn’t linger too long), and it was very impressive. This is the studio where Taylor Swift recorded her first album. Many other household names have recorded here as well.

Billy took particular interest in one of the songs we performed during the showcase portion of the Objective Sessions. As a first step toward this recording project, we hosted Mr. Smiley in our home for a weekend of pre-production. We were able to introduce Billy to the city of Nashville, IL and, more importantly, we were able to share more of our songs. It was a good weekend that served to affirm much of what we are already doing with our music, and has laid the groundwork for an exciting recording project. Stay tuned…