(NOTE: Keep reading for our big announcement.) In the months and years before we bought our big old house, the house seemed to provide a spark of creativity and ideas. I drove past it at least twice a day on my way to work and back home again. Sure it would solve some of the […]

How Astronomy Supports Evolution…Yawn. Is anyone else tired of Evolution vs. Creation debates? I know I am. I would rather contemplate the cosmic distance of the sun using the parallax of my own eyes than watch tonight’s’ Bill Nye the self proclaimed “science guy” vs. Ken Hamm debate. So, why am I writing about it? […]

Everything is connected. If you’re not convinced, one listen to John Hartford’s “I Would Not Be Here” should surrender you to the idea enough to continue reading this article. This morning I read two seemingly unrelated stories that will forever be linked in my mind.  One came in the form of an email from a […]

Hey friends! As we continue plodding toward making a new record I plan to release some glimpses into the project from time to time. The first of these is available now here at the website only. Check out the first take of our song “Fear” (that’s baby Elizabeth on BGVs). This is also one of […]

Hello friends! We are happy to announce that we will be “practicing” our original music in various city parks in and around Southern Illinois in the coming weeks. So, get ready to pack some lawn chairs and a cooler. Check our “Shows” page for upcoming events. Keep an eye out on Facebook and Twitter for […]

Hmmm? Ah yes. That’s right. My girlfriend, wife (same girl), and I were on the path to becoming rock stars. How easily I forgot. About this time last year we were still basking in the glow of having finally recorded and played some of our songs at the Agape Music Festival. A good time indeed. And then…well, […]