There are very few things as fun as talking about possible band names, and almost nothing more excruciating for an artist than actually settling upon a band name. In my limited experience it’s kind of like looking for a Christmas tree or picking out new furniture. There is a lot of “how about this one?” […]

Have you heard of The Extreme Tour? Me either…until a few months ago when we were contacted by one of their A&R Representatives. After some email exchanges (and social media stalking) it didn’t take long to decide that it was a legitimate opportunity that we should pursue. Over the past several weeks we have completed […]

Almost a year ago to the day we had the awesome privilege of hosting GMA Dove Award Winning Artist Mitch McVicker for a house concert. (If you missed it, here’s a link to the boxscore.) We are pleased to announce that Mitch is coming back to perform at our place on Sunday, October 2nd! Around the […]

The stage is set. Literally. After some long hours busting pallets, pulling nails, gluing, hammering, leveling, and other carpenter-ing. We have a stage in our back yard! Here are some pictures: Those of you who have been following along already know how much we’ve wanted to use our home as a venue for our Flat […]

  It was a beautiful day. Especially warm for late February. THE SET UP The “stage” area and backdrop were lined with white Christmas lights. A grey sheet hung in the back on the left to serve as a projection screen for a video prepared by the Schraders. The Korg Triton keyboard was set to […]

There I sat with roughly a million questions and curiosities, but asking none of them. Making conversation over a bowl of soup, and staying focused on being  a good host. I had been listening to Mitch McVicker’s The Grey and Underneath albums for weeks on Spotify as I looked forward to the concert. I also watched The […]

It seems like just yesterday we were getting ready to host our first house concert. (Yes…remember…The Gray Havens?) That was a good time. Friends, fun, food, and great music. But, it wasn’t yesterday. It was six months ago! And now, it’s time to do it again. Without further delay, we are pleased to announce that Dove […]